LuluDemon - Team Canada Roller Derby


Photo courtesy of Bob Ayers

Home League: Terminal City Rollergirls

LuluDemon - Team Canada Roller Derby
Photo courtesy of Todd Holbrook

Born in: London, United Kingdom
Now calls home: Vancouver, British Columbia
Years of skating: 5
Team: Terminal City All Stars
Position: Jammer
Loves: Visualizations, skating smarter not harder and her pet hamster Discount

10 years ago Lulu was in hospital in South Africa with a broken neck and a shattered pelvis.  This year she won League MVP, became Captain of the All Star team and started her derby clothing line Pivotstar.  Her motto in life and derby is “It’s not how hard you can hit.  It’s about how hard you can BE hit and keep moving forward” (Rocky).

Lulu discovered derby after moving to Vancouver from London, England in 2006.  A misspent youth of roller blading her way around one of the busiest cities in the world prepared her well for this new sport and she was soon hooked.  Nowadays when she’s not skating, coaching her league or making derby clothing she is a travelling coach with Blood and Thunder Training Camps and anyone else that will have her!

She is beyond proud to be selected for Team Canada and can’t wait to show the world what amazing derby skaters we have.  And of course beat her fellow countrywomen on the track – Team England be afraid!!

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